Olives category


Production, processing, storage, packaging and distribution of all types of table olives.

We provide our customers a vast assortment of all types of olives: Our packaging is available in many forms such as: large, medium and small plastic drums, sachets and retail consumer packs  ) designed for bulk use and  retail consumption in all types of supermarkets, also for sale in the deli counters.

We also offer act as agents for orders of  full container of truckloads of olives from EU and non EU countries.

We offer an Exclusive European Brand of Sun Dried black olives  from Morocco. Delicious at any time of the day, a perfect side dish to main courses of fish, meat and in salads: you cannot resist!


Herbs and spices category

Herbs and Spices

We are  specialized in the production and importation of spices from all over the world, ideal for catering and for home cooking.

We sell natural flavors for:

  • food and canning industries;
  • Cheese factories;
  • industrial and artisan bakeries;
  • butchers and meat producers of preserved meat;
  • confectionery sector;

The store has a large assortment of spices, food seasonings and natural flavors like garlic, anise, basil, onion, cinnamon, oregano, paprika, pepper, red pepper, rosemary and parsley.

Try our "Spaghetti garlic, and hot pepper" MIX , a delight for a successful and tasty plate of Spaghetti at dinner among friends.

Dried fruit category

Dried fruit

EuroAlimenti’s Dried fruit and nuts are above all fragrant and tasty; we daily roast our products, in order to give our customers fresh and genuine products. Our dried fruit  and nuts come from Italy and from around the world. We select the best possible raw materials available on the market.

Our products are tempting throughout the day. They will make enjoyable every break and are essential for the success of any party and refreshment.

Our dried fruits line embraces FURTHERMORE exotic dried fruit, dried and candied. Not to mention the snack line; chips, mexicanos, rice crackers and salted peanuts.

The packages are for bulk wholesale outlets, bars and restaurants and small consumer packs for the stores and supermarkets.

We also recently included in the dried fruit & nuts range really exceptional roasted chickpeas; are the soft roasted chickpeas that you will find on the market, thanks to a new roasting technique studied by us.

Pulses category


EuroAlimenti offers customers a wide range of dried pulses, those most widely used and some of the rarest, found on the market today, thanks to the passion for the tastes of tradition, combined with the careful selection of suppliers and discovery of new origins and plantations.

We Sell pulses either in bulk or small packs. Thanks nutritionally benifits and, in particular, to their content of protein, they can be used instead of meat, resulting in a nutritious meal but at the same time light, digestible and rich in protein.

The “pulses” line also include pre-cooked canned vegetables in the "Open, heat  & Eat" tin, ideal for soups, perfect with rice and pasta, rich in beneficial nutritional properties for the body.

For those who do not have time to soak dried beans overnight, the solution is: tinned “Open, Heat & Eat”, they are healthy, nutritious, fresh and easy to cook.

veggies in oil, vinegar and brine category

Veggies in oil, Vinegar & Brine

Passion, experience and diligent search for the best results make Euroalimenti’s Veggies in oil, vinegar & Brine, always a trump card in the gourmet world. At our vast warehouse  you will find:

  • The industrial line

Semi-finished products in vinegar or brine, sold in Bulk Drums, to be further processed by the most important Italian food companies;

  • The catering line

Gourmet vegetable pickles presented in small plastic drums, made from fresh vegetables and prepared with traditional methods. They are excellent to be consumed before a meal, with appetizers and snacks or for the preparation of  snacks;

  • The retail line

Products packed small packs for families and singles who appreciate small servings in order to avoid waste.

Let yourselves be enthralled by the unique taste of products in oil and vinegar: antipasti, dried tomatoes, mushrooms, artichokes, pickles, salad, capers, gherkins, onions, peppers, chilies and olives.

Preserved fish category

Preserved fish

Euroalimenti Costanza Brothers has a long history in the Italian market of preserved fish products, destined for mass distribution, the food industry, the wholesale market and fishmongers.

For three generations there has been passion for high quality fish; we import and distribute the best salted fish, dried fish and fish in oil. The fish is selected based on the processing, preserving the ancient traditional methods used.

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